Gavin has been sharing  in Schools since 2010 . His work is suitable for all ages and can be adapted to any theme or aspect of the curriculum . Please enjoy audio, video and referrals below ! He does not read stories but tells them from memory or makes them up in rhyme from prompts from the children. Often he will match a story with a musical instrument from the same country or area.

Gavin shares stories and musical instruments from around the world.

How it works

A full days visit consists of four to six sessions of 40 minutes to an hour each (depending on the age of the children and the school’s timetable) Gavin works with groups of up to 60 learners. Half day visits of two or three sessions are also possible . Eye contact with each learner is an essential part of storytelling and it becomes difficult with larger numbers .


Gavin Bonner, accomplished storyteller, visited our school and enchanted the children with his interactive stories and music. Much fun and intrigue was had by all and we look forward to welcoming him back to Greenwood in the future”

Mary Solomon                                                                                                        Principal                                                                                                             Greenwood School

Gavin’s manner is professional and he is able to keep children of all ages captivated with his stories, poems and music

Jessica Wells